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The House Mouse originated from the Steppes of Russia. The adult mouse, including the tail, is around 150mm long and they are omnivores. Mice are only pregnant for three weeks and the young are hairless and feed off the mother’s milk for three weeks.

The house mouse can have 5 – 14 baby mice in a litter and may have 8-10 litters a year. This means that a house mouse infestation can build up very quickly. Beaver Pest Control is a mouse pest control company and can offer treatments for mice at a very competitive price.

Mice urinate and defaecate constantly, contaminating work surfaces or even food left out in the kitchen. An infestation of mice is quite easy to see because a house mouse typically does 80 droppings a day.

Diseases associated with mice include Murine Typhus, Trichinosis and Salmonellosis (Food poisoning) and therefore pest control for mice is very important.

For mouse control in London, look no further than Beaver Pest Control.

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